We were never able to place Perci as a puppy, and now we've come to believe that someone has missed a truly good thing, as we now figure on keeping him here with us.  Not only is Perci a loving companion, he exhibits wonderful, flowing movement and possesses lovely structure including well-sprung ribs, full dentition with scissors bite, dark eye haws, correct feet, good tail placement and carriage, is overall balanced and has a beautiful headpiece.

Perci, aka the "Belton Blue Borzoi", began his ring career in earnest in September 2000. He started by taking WD/BOW all three days of the show cluster in Monroe, LA. He finished in Oklahoma in May 2001 with limited showing in 2001.

Perci has dabbled in LGRA straight-racing in his later years - we actually managed to box-break him! He has earned points against much younger dogs - not bad for an older fella! He is a powerful runner - I do wish we had tried him at a younger age.

Perci's profile

Whelp Date: March 20, 1998
Passed: April 22, 2008

AKC#: HM766187/06

Litter: Arthurian


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