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   Jul 26


Well here we go! Like I need another hobby – especially one in which I know absolutely NOTHING about!

Since I have been working from home, I find myself more annoyed with the condition of the landscape since I am looking at it more often. Several piles of deadfall; portions of trees hanging down from severe storms; ragamuffin trees in desperate need of pruning; the holly hedge from hell and other various areas causing the front  yard to look like a white trash jungle. So I decided to attempt to rectify the situation and find myself with an empty arsenal when it comes to knowing what I am doing.

I know what I WANT though.

  • I want to have natural visual barriers along the fences – contemplating some sort of evergreen vines or trees;
  • I want to have a garden in which to grow various vegetables;
  • I want to start raising various fruit crops – blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, figs;
  • I want to learn how to prune the various trees already established here – crape myrtle, redbud, peach – and some that I need to identify.

There are some items that I do know in regards to our yard:

  • It’s most prolific crop is poison ivy;
  • It’s next most prolific crop is what I’ve heard called “beggar’s lice” whose little furry seeds entrap themselves in our dogs’ coats;
  • It can grow peaches (and we have some newly appeared mulberries) with little intervention (although I wish to now improve upon it).

One thing I need to keep in mind in choosing plants, especially those near some of the fencelines, is that we have dogs and horses, and don’t want anything toxic that can harm them. I do have Datura/moonvine seeds, but will be planting them in an area that the critters do not have access to.

I will be posting pictures of the current state of the yard, and my hopes for various areas as well as seeking advice from those with more experience than I in the world of plants. I got a D in plant biology at A&M years ago – and the only thing I remember is xylem and phloem. The words…not what they are.

I will also be asking for help with plant id because there is some stuff here that I don’t know what it is! I do recognize the poison ivy though!

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