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   Feb 05

Spring Planting Garden Prep Begins

Today began my attempts to get organized for spring planting! I still feel completely disorganized and unprepared. Removed the old tomato and chard that finally gave up the ghost and started tilling the beds and pulling the weeds (read….Bermuda grass). Went and purchased some more bags of garden soil as well – and a friend […]

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   Sep 29

Eek – Spidey’s Home

I am not a fan of spiders – they pretty much terrify me. How hair-raising to open the front door and find that this BIG fella decided to set up shop right at the border of the front porch. I let him be since I hoped he would assist in insect control in the area. […]

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   Jun 25

Summer’s Coming

These little fellas have started to appear. I caught this one in an intimate moment as he completed his metamorphosis into his loudmouth form.

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   May 11

Super Fresh Egg Salad

Tonight I made egg salad thanks to eggs from our chickens, with fresh dill and cutting celery from the veggie garden. Also added store-bought onion and jalapeno. Oh – so good! Really makes one appreciate one’s food and the effort that goes into it, and those creatures that also help to provide it.

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   Mar 05

Silkies Join the Flock

We had been wanting Silkie bantams for a while – and now we brought some home!

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   Feb 10

the Poo Crew

Meet the critters – horses and chickens – that help provide compost materials for the garden.

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