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   Feb 05

Spring Planting Garden Prep Begins

Today began my attempts to get organized for spring planting! I still feel completely disorganized and unprepared. Removed the old tomato and chard that finally gave up the ghost and started tilling the beds and pulling the weeds (read….Bermuda grass). Went and purchased some more bags of garden soil as well – and a friend […]

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   Jun 11

the First Strawberry

the first strawberry has been harvested – and immediately eaten

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   May 29

Strawberry Pot

The strawberry pot! Found a nice priced pot ($25!) at a local nursery here in McKinney (Creative by Nature), but they only had two plants (Fresca variety) left. So went back to North Haven Gardens today and picked up four more plants (2 Tristan, 1 Loran and one Merlan) and potted this baby up.

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   Mar 22

Bloomin’ Fruit

The blackberry and blueberry shrubs are starting to bloom! The blueberry blooms are very intriguing in appearance – they’re pendant like bluebells. The blackberry blooms look so shabby chic – a bit rumpled and ragged.

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   Mar 18


The peach trees were the first edibles here at Gryffyn’s Aeyrie. They came with the place – and they seem to grow like weeds too – sprouting elsewhere along the fenceline. For whatever reason, I was standoffish about snacking on them over the years – but now have come to embrace them and they piqued […]

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   Mar 12

Brown Turkey Fig

Today we planted the Brown Turkey Fig we got at North Haven Gardens. These are supposed to do very well in our region so I am hoping that this tree will do well here. It brings back memories of when as a child I used to get into the fig tree at the neighbors across […]

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   Mar 11

Upgrading the Crape Myrtle Beds and a Berry Bucket

We finally got around to tackling the bed with the single crape myrtle, and a bunch of other mess within it. Here is the “beginning” photo from almost a year ago: We got all the unwanted fauna removed, added some garden soil and humus and tilled it in. We then planted a “La Marne” variety […]

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   Mar 07

More planting and some seed starting

This morning before signing in for work I set up the other raspberry canes in the big container; planted the snow pea bushes; added some onion slips to one of the new raised beds; mixed the soil in the 2nd new raised bed; added more dead wood to the burn barrel; potted the sweet basil […]

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   Feb 22

Blackberry Budding

newly transplanted blackberry already leafing out

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   Feb 14

Container Blackberries

The two thornless blackberry bushes planted into large containers.

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