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   May 20

More Blooms

I am loving the Rouge Royale – more blooms to show off! Also – these blooms smell absolutely H E A V E N L Y!! Here is a pic of a nice bloom cluster of one of the neighboring crape myrtles:

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   May 07

Feeling Rosy

I was worried about trying out some roses here, considering what a novice I am at gardening, and previous plant-related experiences have ended badly. At a trip to North Haven Gardens, I became enamored with a “Romantica ™ hybrid tea rose, the Rouge Royale. The deep red color and bountiful bursting blooms I found very […]

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   Apr 15


Well, after last night’s storm and this morning’s winds, the score is… Wind 1 Dead Redbud Tree 0 Oh yay – a chore I had not scheduled 🙁 I was even out in the front yard when it went down – oh so silently to boot. I had fed the horses (the tree is just […]

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   Apr 01


Last weekend we went down to North Haven Gardens after attending the Collin County Garden Show – I had learned that they had passionflower vines in stock – and I was determined to get one. We had set up a makeshift trellis at the south end of our storage barn utilizing some leftover T-posts and […]

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   Mar 12

Around the Yard – March 22

Spring is bringing back some vibrant color to the yard. I found some pretty blooms on two things that have been established here before we started attempting an overhaul of the green life around here. First is the bunch of little grape hyacinth blooms sprouting up along part of the walkway to the front door. […]

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   Mar 12

“Circle” Update – Blooms!

Blooms are appearing on the Dianthus clumps in the garden and even the Powys Castle Artemesia looks noticeably larger.

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   Mar 11

Upgrading the Crape Myrtle Beds and a Berry Bucket

We finally got around to tackling the bed with the single crape myrtle, and a bunch of other mess within it. Here is the “beginning” photo from almost a year ago: We got all the unwanted fauna removed, added some garden soil and humus and tilled it in. We then planted a “La Marne” variety […]

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   Jan 15

Getting Started – The Sidewalk Byway, the Circle and “the Mound”

Today we visited a great gardening supply that my husband found online that is just south of the intersection of Central (Hwy 75) and the LBJ Loop (I-635). He was actually looking for opportunities to fill out our chicken flock and there was a sale scheduled today. Unfortunately, that fell through thanks to inclement weather […]

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