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   Jun 05

First Squash

First there were the beautiful squash blossoms… then came the squash!

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   May 29

First Tomatoes and Potatoes Harvested

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   May 11

Super Fresh Egg Salad

Tonight I made egg salad thanks to eggs from our chickens, with fresh dill and cutting celery from the veggie garden. Also added store-bought onion and jalapeno. Oh – so good! Really makes one appreciate one’s food and the effort that goes into it, and those creatures that also help to provide it.

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   Apr 21

Progress Report

Upon my lunchtime perusal of our little garden area, I see that much of the corn seed I planted has sprouted! I also saw 5 patio tomatoes (smaller variety) on the vine; bush beans sprouting in big bed; and it looks like I may have berries on all bushes!

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   Apr 12

some harvesting…

Tonight I cooked some of the Swiss Chard (boy – this stuff is EASY to grow – it is prolific!) from the garden for dinner tonight as well as some of the fresh lettuce and spinach for a salad and baked an egg casserole with some of the spinach as well. Mmmmmm!

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   Feb 21

Planting Begins in the Raised Bed Gardens

The raised bed gets filled with dirt and made ready for planting and we put in the first transplants.

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   Feb 13

Putting in the First Raised Bed Garden

The building of the first planned raised garden bed.

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