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   Apr 15


Well, after last night’s storm and this morning’s winds, the score is…

Wind 1
Dead Redbud Tree 0

Oh yay – a chore I had not scheduled 🙁

I was even out in the front yard when it went down – oh so silently to boot. I had fed the horses (the tree is just outside the gate of mini-Memphis’ pen), taken the buckets back to the garage and had started my morning chores in the yard, and then noticed that the tree was down. I had a moment of double-take in viewing the scene. Oh well – it will at least remove some of the labor of its eventual planned removal. It just moves it earlier in the schedule than intended!

dead redbud

the Deadbud tree - before

the Deadbud tree - felled during a storm

the Deadbud tree - downed during a storm

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