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   Aug 09

In the Beginning – From the Front

the front sidewalk, border and hedge

Here is a show of the walkway to our front door. Scary, huh? We are on a corner lot – out of range of this photo to the right is the driveway, and we just enter from the garage (aka oversized closet). So we hardly ever see the tangled mess that the walkway can become. To the far right are three “Rose of Sharon”/Althea trees (or big shrubs?) which currently have some pretty blooms. In front of them you can make out the pot with some canna plants I brought home from my childhood home in Houston. Noticed that a neighbor down the street has these all along his front fenceline. I am trying to figure out where to place them. On the far left is a big holly bush in need of some major trimming. That is one thing I need to learn to do is proper trimming and pruning. At the moment there is some sort of English ivy at the top that goes down to the hedge running along the house. I figure I will be waiting until winter to do the trimming once the ivy goes dormant – at the moment it is just so lush and green.

blooms from our Rose of Sharon/Althea

blooms from our Rose of Sharon/Althea

To the left of the pot of cannas and visible only because of the “weedeating phobia” is a circle of red brick that would really like something nice planted in it. I attempted a cute little bottlebrush. Which died. Somewhat quickly. Quite upsetting since it was an unusual and pretty plant – and I prefer the unusual. So now I have to contemplate something else to plant there – preferably evergreen.

Actually – I want a LOT of evergreens to use so we have nice backdrops when taking photos of our dogs in the wintertime.

Below is what was once an evergreen – unfortunately it is now a “brittle brown.” I have no idea what it was though. I suspect we lost it when we had issues with the waterline which is on the other side of the shrub. We had a leak somewhere and the area flooded. Although it is supposedly fixed, at least according to our water bills, we still have something of a bog between the dead shrub and the big crape myrtle – photos will come in a future post. You can see the ivy twining in its upper branches. I think it’s English ivy – you can see it better in this picture of my garden Flion.

one of the gar(den)goyles

my ivy-entwined flion

Needless to say, one of the upcoming jobs will be the removal of this sad shrub and replacing it with something else. Hopefully some experts are reading and can suggest a replacement, preferably evergreen and can handle a possibly damper environment. Bonus points for unusual.

Below is the shrub in its more vibrant period, used as a backdrop for this photo of an adolescent Moose (the dog’s name, not the species). Not sure if one can determine what it was – but it sure was handy. Very easy to photoshop people out of photos when using it in the background – super handy.

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