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   Feb 21

Planting Begins in the Raised Bed Gardens

Planting in the large raised bed begins! Onion slips have been inserted into the holes along the sides, with dill, oregano and thyme placed in the holes to the upper right of the photo. The back row consists of 3 green cabbages and cutting celery; next row has snow peas and “bright lights” swiss chard. Along the sides are jalapenos (left side) and simpson green leaf lettuce (right). ┬áThe potato trenches have also been started and are ready for placement of see potatoes.

March 2011 - the large raised bed

March 2011 - planting in the large raised bed begins

I also began transplants into one of the 4X4 raised cedar beds. Yellow and red bell peppers (left) and a black krim tomato and patio tomato plants (right).

the smaller raised cedar beds

4x4 cedar raised beds - planting begins

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