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   Feb 05

Spring Planting Garden Prep Begins

Today began my attempts to get organized for spring planting! I still feel completely disorganized and unprepared.

Removed the old tomato and chard that finally gave up the ghost and started tilling the beds and pulling the weeds (read….Bermuda grass). Went and purchased some more bags of garden soil as well – and a friend had dropped off a bag of alpaca poo that I plan on adding to the mix. Let the chickens have some fun doing some of their own tilling as well – until they decided to go dig up parts of the crape myrtle bed (with the Asian jasmine). Party’s over girls!!

a trio of Ameracauna hens

chickenbutt to the third power – work that soil girls!


We had a bag of red potatoes from Costco that sat a bit too long and the eyes started to sprout. These got cut into pieces and dusted with sulphur, along with some Kennedale potatoes that Victor got at the feed store, and then set to cure for a few days.

I decided to make use of the container that the hibiscus is in and planted several garlic cloves in it around the outer rim – that way it can make itself useful while I wait for the hibiscus to wake up.

In another container I planted the rootstock for a Bleeding Heart shrub – hoping to have an interesting bush full of flowers later this year.

I had also picked up some herbs while at Home Depot picking up garden soil РI can NEVER seem to escape that store without going nuts for various garden goodies. Mint, Chocolate Mint, Oregano and Lemon Thyme. These were transplanted into a little cedar window box Рalso acquired at Home Depot.

cedar box of herbs

cedar herb planter

Also planted a Northland Blueberry ¬†shrub and a Pink Lemonade Blueberry shrub in containers and set them out near “berry row”.

Then, at the end of our large raised bed, I planted several rows of parsnip seeds. Here’s hoping I have better luck this time around!

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