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   May 20

More Blooms

I am loving the Rouge Royale – more blooms to show off! Also – these blooms smell absolutely H E A V E N L Y!! Here is a pic of a nice bloom cluster of one of the neighboring crape myrtles:

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   Mar 11

Upgrading the Crape Myrtle Beds and a Berry Bucket

We finally got around to tackling the bed with the single crape myrtle, and a bunch of other mess within it. Here is the “beginning” photo from almost a year ago: We got all the unwanted fauna removed, added some garden soil and humus and tilled it in. We then planted a “La Marne” variety […]

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   Aug 09

The “Twins” – Two Crapes and a Grape

Here are the “twin” crape myrtles in the front yard. They are bordered by a series of large rocks (can’t see them for the overgrown weeds) that circle around them. Nested between them is my metal Borzoi weathervane. Somewhat visible draped from tree to tree is a grape vine of some variety which I need […]

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