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   May 20

More Blooms

I am loving the Rouge Royale – more blooms to show off! Also – these blooms smell absolutely H E A V E N L Y!! Here is a pic of a nice bloom cluster of one of the neighboring crape myrtles:

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   May 07

Feeling Rosy

I was worried about trying out some roses here, considering what a novice I am at gardening, and previous plant-related experiences have ended badly. At a trip to North Haven Gardens, I became enamored with a “Romantica ™ hybrid tea rose, the Rouge Royale. The deep red color and bountiful bursting blooms I found very […]

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   Mar 11

Upgrading the Crape Myrtle Beds and a Berry Bucket

We finally got around to tackling the bed with the single crape myrtle, and a bunch of other mess within it. Here is the “beginning” photo from almost a year ago: We got all the unwanted fauna removed, added some garden soil and humus and tilled it in. We then planted a “La Marne” variety […]

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