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   Aug 09

The “Twins” – Two Crapes and a Grape

Here are the “twin” crape myrtles in the front yard. They are bordered by a series of large rocks (can’t see them for the overgrown weeds) that circle around them. Nested between them is my metal Borzoi weathervane. Somewhat visible draped from tree to tree is a grape vine of some variety which I need help identifying. This darned grape vine is what had me contemplating trying to grown some of our own edible goodies. We have several crape myrtles in the yard, these two in the front yard and an additional one (white flowered) in the corner between the front of the house next to Leo’s (horse) fenceline where it butts up against the brick. Then we also have 3 in various spots along the driveway.

I need to learn how to prune these so they don’t look so untidy. There are also now a couple of crape myrtle seedlings between the “twins.” I am going to try and move them somewhere else, likely along the front fenceline. If I thought I could put them in one of the dog yards in the back, I would – but that would likely require a lot of extra work in trying to construct some sort of obstacle to keep the dogs away from them while they are becoming established. I am reminded of when my wolf hybrid Maikoh enjoyed his “chew toys’ – mom’s rosebush and the old crabapple tree – at my childhood home. That didn’t go over well.

Here is a closeup of the grapevine and a cluster of its fruit. I am hoping someone can help me identify what variety it is!

Although I am angry at this grapevine. I have been excitedly watching it produce these little clusters, then watching them turn from green to the speckled pink/purple, and get darker. It piqued my interest in growing some edibles here – and then, when I decided to taste a berry – proved inedible. Perhaps I tried to early? I expected the fruit to be sour and somewhat unripe. What I did NOT expect was that it would taste like I was sucking on a tree twig. Yuck.

So – can someone tell me what grape variety this is? If it is an inedible variety no matter its ripeness, then I will work on chopping it down this winter instead of trying to transplant it elsewhere.

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