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   Aug 10

What Are These?

Here are pictures of various plants in our yard that I am unsure of what they are. Please help me in identifying them! I have moved to the top the ones that are still lacking in being identified – so that is why the numbers are quite out of order. Please look at all of them though – and confirm those that have been identified or share more or differing information on them. Being new to all of this, I am in need of all of the help I can get!

Sue Kay of the Collin County Master Gardener Association has provided me with some answers – but I am still in need of some knowledge to be imparted!

what tree is this?

#6: this tree is growing in the horse's area next to his shelter; it has thorns/spines on its thicker branches and trunk. What is it?

Preliminary ID: Sue thought this might be a Prairie Sumac – BUT, it has thorns on the trunk and branches, and even along its compound leaf.

SUCCESS! This is a Hercules’ Club, aka “Toothache Tree,” (Zanthoxylum clava-herculis). Identified by multiple parties on the GardenWeb forums at about the same that I finally had results after extensive googling and found the page at

what type of weed is this?

#8: this is growing near the fenceline in a somewhat shaded area; some sort of erect-growing woody plant/weed. What is it?

ID: Giant Ragweed, Ambrosia trifida. Another id by multiple folks at the GardenWeb forums. I’ve never seen it with the flowered crown at the top – and I won’t be, because I am going to go pull all of them up!!

what is this

#9 this is growing next to a crape myrtle in a spot by our storage barn that tends to be shady for most of the day. The leaves are VERY broad and soft - feels kinda like patent leather. What is it?

what is this?

#10: another weed? What is it?

what am I?

#1: what type of shrub/tree is this?

ID: This looks to be from the Ash family. Sue suggested Velvet Ash, and a leaf id guide I was following online suggested Green Ash. So looks like we have got the correct family id!

redbud sapling?

#2: is this a redbud sapling?

ID: Yes! It is a young redbud. We have a few “youngsters” around here – I think I am going to transplant them along the front fenceline or the side fenceline of the mini horse’s paddock.

what is this?

#3: this comes up every year and gets up to 5 feet or so high. Pokeweed??

ID: Yup – it’s Pokeweed. Needs to go away – it is in Leo’s paddock along the fenceline he shares with the backyard.

what type of tree?

#4: this tree is growing in the horse yard at the end of the house - what is it?

ID: Chinese Tallow tree – needs to go away as it is in Leo’s paddock and can be harmful to him as the berries are poisonous.

what is this tree?

#5: this tree has 3 different types of leaves - what is it?

ID: Some sort of Mulberry.

what is this tree?

#7: this tree is near the house under a big crape myrtle near where the grackles like to hang out. What is it?

ID: Texas Mulberry.

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