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   Jun 01


I had some packets of wildflower mixed seed – I ended up broadcasting the seeds along the sunny borders of our front yard to add a little splash of color. My mild effort did not go to waste and I was rewarded a few months later with sporadic splashes of color along the roadway. Nothing spectacular – no neighbor was going to feel the need to stop and stare as they passed by – but it was still better than just plain old weedy looking grass…and weeds.

wildflowers along the roadside

more wildflowers

top of purple wildflower spire

wildflower - scabiosa?

little blue wildflower

tattered wildflower and butterfly

And okay…so it’s not really a wildflower – more of a weed – but it sure looked like an interesting subject when I passed by. So fluffy!

dandelion globe

dandelion ready for its close-up

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