Available Silken Windhounds

The Silken Windhounds listed below are available to qualified homes.  In addition to plenty of love and care, we require a fenced yard.

If we do not have puppies or young adults available that suit your requirements or desires, we are happy to refer you to other ethical and friendly Borzoi breeders who may have something available.

this page last updated: November 5, 2014


Available Silken Windhounds

Enzo/Layla Puppies


This little fellow looks like a mini version of papa Enzo. He is curious and very social - a promising youngster!

Silken Windhound Puppy Male for Sale

cute silken windhound puppy


Aero looks similar to grandpa Tyler. He is a masked gold brindle, so his skin pigment is diluted. We were originally going to keep him here at Gryffyn's Aeyrie, but have opted to place him as we are keeping a male from Bekka's litter at Empyrean.

Aero has been placed! Congrats to Rebecca and Tim Neal!

Aero - male silken windhound puppy

Aero's sweet face


Pistol is a miniature version of her mother Layla! She earned her name - she is a little firecracker and on the go all the time. She completely mutilated the grocery sacks sitting on the kitchen floor so she may be a nice running sports prospect, in addition to showing.

Pistol has been placed! Congrats to Paige of Acton, CA!

silken windhound puppy girl

Pistol's sweet expression

silken windhound puppies for sale

If you are interested in more information regarding our Borzoi and/or would perhaps be interested in getting one in the future, please fill out our Online Puppy Application.

We are also happy to refer you to other breeders we know of who may have something available if we don't have anything available.

On occasion we may have other Borzoi available for placement that may not be listed here. Please contact us for any details.

For more information on our Borzoi or our requirements, feel free to send us an email.