About R. Lynn

Lynn with her borzoi Nikki, a young Stone and NigelBorn and raised in Houston, TX, I have been fascinated by animals since my earliest years. I was a member of our local zoo's Ranger Rick program, and due to my tendency to pick up any and all critters in the yard, had been taught to tell the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes at a very early age. We had always had a dog and cat in the house, but in my 5th grade year, I got "my own" dog, a spaniel mix named Ziggy, who I even took to neighborhood obedience classes taught by a now well-known obedience enthusiast and author.

I began saddleseat riding lessons at about the same time, forsaking piano and art lessons for the chance to be near horses. I was allowed to attend one show a year by my parents, and would exhibit one of the riding school's horses. When I reached high school age, I got my first horse, Toby - as best we could tell a Tennessee Walker/Arab mix that was 16 hands tall, and had been a school horse until he wasn't earning his keep anymore - only 2 people were riding him regularly, myself included. Toby later accompanied me to college, and there I re-trained him for Hunter classes (he had to learn to trot again as he had always been ridden at either a gaited running-walk, or a flat out gallop). Upon Toby's passing, I acquired Leo as an unbroken 2 year old and broke him to ride and later trained him for Hunter classes and showed him quite a bit in the College Station area. Leo remained with me until the age of 32, when he was lost to an impaction.

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Lynn with borzoi Nikki and NigelMy first memory of Borzoi is a picture from an encyclopedia and from a book of dogs that my parents had. Much to my dismay, my parents (after having read the size description) declined my enthusiastic request to acquire one of these magnificent canines. It wasn't until my late twenties that I actually beheld one of these elegant dogs in person, when I went to a recycling center, of all things. When I asked the owner regarding his dog that was casually napping upon the floor, he practically jumped for joy that I actually recognized the breed. Ivan was more than happy to interrupt his naptime to greet me with lazy wags of his extraordinary long, plumed tail. Several years later I purchased Nikki, whose story can be found on her page in this website. Six months later I acquired Luke (pictured to the right), and the rest is history (see the About Gryffyn's Aeyrie page).

I have only been involved in Borzoi since 1992, and Silken Windhounds since 2001, but I take seriously any contribution I can make to these wonderful and beautiful breeds. In the Fall of 1998, I helped organize the Lone Star Borzoi Club, and currently serve as it's Secretary and Web Site Administrator. I am also a member of the Borzoi Club of America, Gazehounds in Texas (GIT), and the International Silken Windhound Society and I contribute my spare time regularly for several club endeavors.

I look forward to meeting anyone at ringside or over the 'Net.

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Lynn and Nigel the boneless beastie (borzoi)

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