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Once N Future King, JC SGRC

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Am. IABCA Ch. Kristul Sweet Nikita, JC CGC ROM-C


Arthur is my pick puppy from the Arthurian litter. He carries plenty of substance for his 30 1/2-inch frame, has a lovely scissors bite with full dentition, is very balanced and has an absolutely beautiful head and expression.

He began his ring career with a major reserve at the age of 9 months under judge Pat Trotter. While at the 1999 Nationals, he won his Futurity class over his brother Merlyn and picked up the first leg of his Junior Courser title. Arthur completed his Junior Courser title the following October. The next day, competing from the Open stake, he took BOB for his first AKC field champion points.

on the move

Arthur also began competing in LGRA straight-racing in April 2000. At his first meet he won all 3 of his heats and won the breed, earning 2 points towards his GRC (Gazehound Racing Champion) title. The next weekend he won the breed again both days and picked up 7 more points towards his GRC. After a summer hiatus, Arthur defeated 17 others to earn 5 points and finish his GRC in October 2000. He finished out the year 2000 as the #1 LGRA Borzoi for the year.

borzoi breeders

Arthur completed his AKC conformation championship in August 2000. He was shown exclusively from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class.

haulin down the track

Arthur completed his SGRC (Superior Gazehound Racing Champion) title on May 5, 2001. I love watching this dog haul down the track - he is the epitome of efficiency and power and the double-suspension gallop. Unfortunately, his running career came to an end in September 2002, when during box-training, his foot was caught in the box door, and he almost had two toes ripped off. One toe was pulled apart at the middle joint, and even after orthopedic surgery, it looks as though he will not be able to run competitively without pain. We thought that he may not even be able to show in the ring again - but he proved us wrong! In August of 2003 he completed his Canadian Championship! What a great early birthday present for me!

Arthur became a father for the first time on November 22, 2001, siring the promising Cirque du Soleil litter, out of Tassja, which gave us Sassi and Magik, two of our most talented bitches.

In September 2004, his breeding to Miss T culminated in the birth of our "Run"away litter. From this litter, his son Deckard went on to win the Novice Dog class at the 2006 BCOA National Specialty in Olympia, WA (he had also placed in his Futurity and Regular Classes at the 2005 National Specialty).

Arthur and his fave toy - a jack-a-lure

In January 2009, Arthur broke his left rear leg which later presented with osteosarcoma and was amputated the following May. We had another 10 months to spend with him before in passing in March 2010, a couple weeks before his 12th birthday.

Whelp Date: March 20, 1998
Passed: March 9, 2010

AKC#: HM766187/01

OFA Cardiac:


OFA Thyroid:

OFA Hips:

CHIC #: 13200

Litter: Arthurian


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#1 LGRA Borzoi for 2000
#3 LGRA All-Breed for 2000