We were originally going to place this striking fawn girl, but then decided we wanted to hold on to her a bit longer and see how she turned out. We have always had a soft spot for black-masked fawn Borzoi, but we hadn't had any of ours turn out in terms of show/breeding quality.

Although Azchyl turned into a lovely adult, with the appearance of onerous animal rights legislation in our state based on dog numbers instead of actual care, we opted to pursue placing her since she was not as interested in performance events as her two sisters.

8 months
8 months old

Azhyl's profile - May 2008

She is what one would politely term "precocious". She's into everything - insistent on being the center of the world's attention (thanks Dad!).

She now lives with the Selman family who lost her half-uncle Lance a few months previous (at over 12 years of age) and who wanted a companion for their Cirque-girl Tasha. Azchyl fit in quickly and is now a cherished member of the family.

conquering the yard


Whelp Date: 
September 2, 2007

AKC#: HP273978/03

Litter: Harry Potter Spells


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