Danu was my pick bitch from the Arthurian litter. She reminded me quite a bit of her mother Nikki, in that she was a hunk of a little girl with a definite sense of humor.

Danu completed her International Champion title on February 26, 2000 at the age of 22 months.

While we were in attendance at a National Specialty, at home Danu somehow managed to partially sever her tail and an infection started. We had to amputate the bottom half of her tail upon our return - so she became a Bob-zoi!

Danu was our official puppy exerciser and kennel/court jester. I think she was even more mischievous than her mother Nikki (that's a feat!). She was constantly on the go and was a blast to have around. She is missed.


Whelp Date: March 20, 1998
Died: August 30, 2009

AKC#: HM766187/02

Litter: Arthurian


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