FC Chataqua Flareon of
Gryf-n-Viktor, SC SGRC2 FCh

Am. IABCA Ch. Chataqua Jumping Jack Flash of Svora
Chataqua's Simply Outrageous


Flareon is from the Chataqua "Pokemon" litter bred by Sara Whittington, Wayne Rowe and Shirley Garrett. During a visit to Sara and Wayne's when she was 7 months of age, I just became completely infatuated with her, and talked Victor into allowing her to become part of the family.

Flareon on course

Her father Flash is Nigel's littermate, making her a "kissing cousin" to the Gryffyn's Aeyrie Arthurian litter, and Stone and Doodle (from the Promise "toy litter"). She's grown into a tall (31 inches) and muscular young bitch, and it took a while for her to learn how to control all those legs! But she sure gets the job done.

Flareon was introduced to LGRA straight-racing in January 2001 at the age of 14 months. She's very keen on the jack-a-lure, even at over 7 years of age - and it remains her favorite event. She began competing in NOTRA in February 2001, winning her first heat then going on to take 2nd for the day and earning some NOTRA points. She has since decided that chasing a plastic lure in a circle is not worthy of her attention or energy - prefering the more lifelike jack-a-lure.

In September 2001, Flareon completed her GRC title, taking 1st overall on the first day, and 2nd the next 2 days at the Minnesota Coursing Association's race meet. Flareon was also the Borzoi winner of the Minnesota Sprint Challenge.

Flareon and Drake - head-to-head
head to head with Drake

Her enthusiasm for running games carried over to the bags in lure coursing, although of late her enthusiasm has waned after seemingly having a target sign somewhere on her body - she has tired of being sideswiped and knocked down, the last time in CO where she was rolled by another dog (who was not dismissed for his actions). The last weekend of December 2001 she finished her ASFA FC, the same day earning an AKC coursing major! She finished her SGRC in February 2003.

She then went on to become the first bitch to earn the SGRC2 title (2006).

3 years of age

In September 2006 Flareon took on a new challenge - that of motherhood - presenting us with 2 fine boys (Lars and Zander) sired by Burni! She has certainly inherited the wonderful mothering instincts of her dam Sidney and doted on the two chunky pups.

In December 2006, Flareon completed her AKC Field Championship! She now enjoys something of a retirement and takes on her new job quite seriously - that of making sure the couch doesn't get up and leave the premises!


Whelp Date:
November 15, 1999

AKC#: HM887835/05



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Flareon was the first Borzoi bitch to achieve the SGRC2 racing title!