When Pumpkin arrived...I just couldn't quit staring at her. That electric orange color just drew me in every time. I hoped and prayed that she would turn out to be a worthy prospect of keeping here. She's a precious little imp that has her sire's "look at me" attitude.

Pumpkin's profile

She is named for the Potter series spell for "fire" - how appropriate is that?!

showing at the 2010 BCOA National Specialty

Pumpkin finished her conformation championship in December 2010. She enjoys straight- and oval-racing, especially the oval, as she strategizes and plans her positioning on the rail. There was a time that although she would hold her own on the straight- or oval-track and not back down even when in close quarters, she had become hesitant to run with other dogs on the lure coursing field. Thankfully she has worked out of it, earning her ASFA field championship in December 2011.

BCOA 2010

Pumpkin lure coursing

We leased her to Sherita Hogan for a breeding to her Van Geaux, as we had reaached a bind in getting her bred and really did not want back-to-back litters with her and her sister Nox. Her first breeding missed, but the second one took and she gave birth to her litter in December 2016.

Pumpkin and Lump oval racing

Whelp Date:
September 2, 2007

AKC reg#: HP273978/01


OFA Cardiac:

Litter: Harry Potter Spells


Progeny (out of Van Geaux):

  • Cap'n
  • Rocket

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