Ch. Chataqua's Fyrespryte
of G-A, JC

Ch. Kyrov's Wilocrik Eternity
Ch. Chataqua's Desert Rose of Kyrov


Tassja's pretty face and expressionTassja is my second bitch to acquire, thanks to Sara Whittington (Chataqua Hounds). At first I was irritated at Tassja's boundless energy that usually seemed misdirected at anything fragile or expensive. When I left the country on business for two months, she stayed with two handlers, who thankfully trained her for the ring and got her started on her show career. She earned four points and several Reserves competing against older bitches before her first birthday.

When I returned to the states, another point was earned. It was wonderful to see that energy translate into a ring performance. She was put up for a year to "grow up" (at least physically). She remains to this day a clown at heart.

In November 1997 she came back out on the circuit and won the points both days at the Cen-Tex shows in Waco. She achieved her Junior Courser title the same month. Shown sporadically (looking for those majors), she finished her championship in December of 1998, with her litterbrother Lightning finishing the same day.

Tassja on the coursing field at over 7 years of age

Tassja had been competing in straight-racing, but we discontinued her race career when the racing box came into being in our club. Since she had such an enthusiasm for running, we started coursing her again at the age of 7 years.

Tassja was bred to Arthur and their litter, the "Cirquelets," was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2001. From this litter we kept Sassi (SBIS Am. Can. Ch. Gryffyns Aeyrie Alegria, SC JOR LCM).

Sadly, we said a final goodbye to Tassja in February 2004. She had developed an orange-sized mass in her sublumbar region, which began to slowly bleed out and was deemed inoperable due to its proximity to the aorta. So hard to believe that this bright, rambunctious girl is gone, and had coursed enthusiastically just a month before.

Tassja at practice - 2 years of age

Whelp Date:
November 7, 1995
Passed: February 12, 2004

AKC reg#: HM633676/01






CHIC#: 13219

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