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This section, along with a sample contract, also has several writings/poems about dogs that I've found surfing the net or forwarded to various discussion lists. Keep a box of tissues handy, as some will definitely get the waterworks started!

A Dog's Plea

A Stray's Prayer

Anatomy of a Dog Show (humor)

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

Dog Definitions

Dog People

Doggie Pledge

Eternal Sleep

Genesis Revised

House Dog's Grave

Living Love

The Old Show Dog

On Abandonment

Pet Store Puppy

Power of the Dog

The Rainbow Bridge

Rules for Dogs

Standard for the Owner/Handler (humor)

Things You Learn From Dogs

Top Ten Reasons to Breed Dogs

Unwritten Rules of Dog Shows



"Gryffyn's" Scribblings

articles I've written that have been published in the Borzoi International and Borzoi Digest magazines


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