A-Band Litter

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Gryffyns Aeyrie Thunderstuck

Gryffyns Just Push Play


Gryffyns Dancin'

Gryffyns Wildest Dreams

Gryffyns Moments in Love

Ivan ex. Josi

whelped February 6, 2003

This was our first litter of Silken Windhounds, and we are certainly pleased with it!

Tyler (MBIS MSBIS Rarities Grand Ch. IABCA ISWS Ch. Just Push Play) and Ginger (IABCA Ch. Rarities Ch. ISWS Ch. Dancin' Queen) stayed here with us and you can see more of them on their individual pages.

Wiley (Thunderstruck) is now in California with the Hendersons, and Luv (Moments in Love) and Dreamer (Wildest Dreams) live with Paige Lasater, also in California