B-Band Litter (Silken Windhounds)

Duncan ex. Sola
whelped November 4, 2003

These guys were energetic and exceptionally squirmy when it came to picture taking time! They are pictured below at the age of 8 weeks.

This litter was named after song titles performed by bands beginning with the letter "B".

Gryffyn's Everything Zen


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Gryffyn's Lady Madonna


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Eclipse is now known as Zoe and lives in California!

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Gryffyn's Little Miss S
"Pockets / Fawn"

Pockets - silken windhound puppy

Pocket's face

"Pockets" is very special in our hearts. Even though she had a strong suckle reflex, she was never able to achieve an efficient seal in order to feed properly. She spent over a week at just 11 oz while her littermates grew and grew. Since we saw her nursing on her mother, we only supplemented her feeding. She was so tiny and uncoordinated, that we considered having to euthanize her, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Finally, on another trip to the vet, we settled on the obvious conclusion to her problem (we had been looking at obscure problems such as a liver shunt) and began an aggressive feeding schedule. The tiny spark which wouldn't allow me to give up has turned into a sweet and feisty pup with a zest for life. Her name is "Pockets" since she was carried around in the pockets of the vet tech that cared for her while she stayed at the clinic for a few days.

We are thrilled that Pockets captured the heart of a lovely local lady who has waited patiently for a pup from us. Pockets' new name is Fawn, and she is going to be one super-loved little girl!

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Rarities CH Gryffyn's Wild is the Wind


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Star lived in New Mexico with Michelle

Gryffyn's Hazy Shade of Winter


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Winni lived with the Brown family in Texas. She had a litter of puppies sired by Tyler, and her daughter Layla produced a litter of puppies for us in 2010

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Gryffyn's Moonage Daydream


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Luna lives here at Gryffyn's Aeyrie.

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