UKC Ch. Tangaloor Easy Grace

ISWS Rarities Ch. Tangaloor Unusual Suspect, CGC
ISWS Ch. Gryffyn's Fire Woman, CGC

Bekka, silken windhound

I rarely ask for a puppy back when I place my dogs - but Ember (Bekka's mother) was an exception. There was so much I liked about Ember, but I also liked a youngster in Alison's litter and I had her sister Kandi here as well.

silken windhound Bekka

When I heard of Alison's plans to breed Ember to her boy Space, I was excited! Bekka is the result of their tryst and reminds me a lot of her mother - even her attitude.

She arrived with the nickname "Tank Girl" - she barrelled through every experience! So I did a little research on the comic character Tank Girl and learned her first name was Rebecca - so we shortened it and spelled it funky, and there ya go!

silken windhound puppy Bekka

texas silken windhound - Bekka
Bekka - practically a clone of mama Ember

tx silken windhound breeders

Whelp Date:
January 28, 2009
January 31, 2016

ISWS Reg. #: 2009-240/06
UKC#: A468,418

MDR1: Clear
CEA: Clear

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