Rarities Ch. Kristull Quickening

Kristull Gringo
Kristull Silver


Duncan, whelped December 6, 2000, was an unexpected surprise. When we had gone to a kennel to choose a Silken, we originally wanted just a bitch, but Duncan was just irresistible and would follow us around and just had the brightest little expression. We gave in and took him as well as Josi.

A week later, my back went out and I was bedridden for a while. Duncan would sleep with me all day and was a great comfort - and he was only 3 1/2 months old at the time! We love his sweet, charming personality and he has grown into a fine dog as an adult.

At the first Rarities shows we attended (2002) Duncan won a 3-point major, and at the Rarities shows in August of 2003, Duncan picked up 3 more majors and finished his Rarities championship.

Duncan is the sire of our B-Litter, born November 4, 2003 and of the F-litter, a dual-sired litter out of Jett. At the age of 11 he sired a litter with Tyler daughter Jules (the R-Band litter).

Duncan at 15 months of age

Whelp Date:
December 6, 2000
Passed: 6/22/2015

ISWS reg#: 2000-72/03

MDR1: Clear

CEA: Clear

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