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Photo Gallery Additions


LoneStar Classic

  • Siren - Best Altered Female (Show 1)
  • Walker - Reserve Winners Dog (Show 1)
  • Smooches - Best Opposite Puppy (Show 1)
  • Puddin - Best Bred by Exhibitor (Show 1 and Show 2)
  • Deuce - AOM (Show 1)
  • Puddin - Reserve Winners Bitch (Show 2)
  • Smooches - Best Puppy in Show (Show 2)
  • Deuce- Best in Specialty (Show 2)

Ohio Classic

  • Puddin - Best in Sweepstakes
  • Quinni - Best Opposite in Sweepstakes
  • Smooches - Best Puppy in Specialty
  • Tripp - Best Veteran in Specialty
  • Hunter - Award of Merit
  • Deuce - Best In Specialty

Haughton, LA - UKC

  • Deuce swept the breed all 4 shows and also got two Group 1s and two Group 2s
  • Enzette had originally gone for practice, but ended up being entered in show 2 on Saturday and came away with Best Female for points and a competition win
  • Tawny won 2 more Grand Champion legs and a Reserve Champion
  • Quinni won his first Grand Champion leg and a Reserve Champion

Dallas - AKC

  • Rusti was Winners Dog at Greater Collin KC; Reserve the next day at Texas KC; then was awarded Winners Dog and Best of Winners to finish his AKC championship

Texarkana - AKC

  • Rusti Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Saturday for a 4-point major and Winners Dog on Sunday for 2 points
  • Barbee was Reserve Winners Bitch both days

East Coast Silken Windhound Specialty

  • Smooches takes Best in Sweepstakes and Best Puppy in Specialty!
  • Quinni is Best Opposite in Sweepstakes
  • Tawny goes Winners Bitch
  • Deuce receives an Award of Merit

SilkenFest 2016

  • Quinni wins Best in Sweepstakes
  • Cruise 2nd in 9-12 Sweeps and 9-12 Dog
  • Kingsley 3rd in 9-12 Sweeps and 4th in 9-12 Dog
  • Walker 1st in 12-15 Sweeps and 3rd in Bred by Exhibitor
  • Deuce receives a Award of Merit
  • Farrah wins the American Bred Bitch class and goes on to take Reserve Winners Bitch
  • Quinni 2nd in 12-18 Month Dog
  • Puddin wins the 9-12 Bitch class and 3rd in Sweeps
  • Gilda 2nd in Novice Bitch
  • Squish 3rd in Novice Bitch
  • Tawny 1st in 12-15 Sweepsand 2nd in Bred by Exhibitor
  • Jules 4th in Bred by Exhibitor
  • Siren 1st in 10 Years and Over Veteran Bitch Sweeps and 1st in 10 and Over Veteran Bitch

December UKC Show (Sunday only in Marshall)

  • Tawny goes Best Female (Show 1)
  • Dulci goes Best Female (Show 2)
  • Deuce goes Best of Breed, Group 1 and Reserve Best in Show (Show 1)
  • Deuce goes Best of Breed, Group 1 and Best in Show (Show 2)

Lone Star Classic, Dallas, TX

  • Rusti - At the Saturday show Rusti won the Bred-by Exhibitor class and took Reserve. For the Sunday show, under breeder/judge Amy Sorbie he won the BBE class as well as going Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a crossover major.

November UKC Show (Castle Rock, CO)

  • Deuce was Best of Breed at 3 of the 4 shows entered and also was awarded Best in Show (show 2 on Sunday)!
  • Farrah picked up a Grand Champion leg (Saturday Show 1), as well as a couple of Reserve Champion wins
  • Tawny won her Puppy class for a competition credit (Saturday Show 2) and was 2 of 3 for her other outings

October UKC Shows in Belton

  • Dulci picks up a couple of Best Female wins for points and competition wins
  • Quinni picks up a couple of Best Male and a Best of Winners for points and a competition win, as well as some Reserves
  • Deuce picks up a couple more BOB wins and group placements

Ohio Classic 2015
(Silken Windhounds)

September 8, 2015: Welcome Cruise to the Gryffyn's Aeyrie pack!! Thanks so much to Bobbie Deis or Firebird Silkens for sharing this gorgeous boy with us - we have high hopes for him!

Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club Speciaty

  • Nox: Best Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes (Roy Silguero), Best Veteran in Specialty and (first) Award of Merit (Barbara O'Neill)

UKC Shows, August 2015
(Haughton, LA)

  • New Champion Georgie!
  • Deuce picks up a couple more BOB wins and a Best in Show!

SWTT Specialties May 2015

SilkenFest 2015

  • Deuce: Best Opposite Sex in Specialty
  • Herc: Best Puppy in Specialty and Best Opposite in Sweepstakes
  • Corki: Best Opposite Puppy in Swecialty
  • Squee: Award of Merit
  • Gabe: Best Opposite Veteran in Specialty
  • Pasha: Best Stud Dog
  • Quinni: 1st in 6-9 Month Puppy
  • Aces: 1st in American-Bred
  • Farrah: 6-9 Month Puppy Bitch 2nd (to Corki)
  • Jules: BBE 4th

March 21, 2015: Doc gives us a thrill by going Best of Breed over several campaigned specials for a 5-point major at the Fort Worth KC shows.

March 3, 2015: Welcome Mordi to the pack!! Del Sol Morsmordre WindnSatin joins us here at Gryffyn's Aeyrie, courtesy of Susan Van de Water (Del Sol).

February 14th: Lump finishes her AKC conformation championship, making her a Dual Champion!!

Congrats to Deuce for being the #1 UKC Silken Windhound for 2014! He was also #3 All-Breed!! Very proud of our silly white guy!!

January 24-25: UKC Shows in Belton, TX. Farrah and Aces both earned points and competition wins towards their conformation championships. Deuce won Best of Breed all 4 shows as well as Group placements.