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Gryffyn's GinuwineArticle WNS

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Silken Windhounds

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Ch. Gryffyn's Aeyrie Incendio, SC JOR FCh ORC

pumpkintrot042009.jpg img0513.jpg img0587.jpg img1090.jpg img1089.jpg img1103.jpg img1096.jpg chilllin0208.jpg profile0208.jpg pumpkinface0208.jpg profile_may2008.jpg pumpkinprofile0208.jpg pumpkinface0208b.jpg pumpkinstack0208b.jpg pumpkinstack0208.jpg trot0208.jpg 4809lsbc2012.jpg 4812lsbc2012.jpg 4815lsbc2012.jpg 4827lsbc2012.jpg pumpkin-dreameyce.jpg pumpkin-dreameyce2.jpg pumpkin-dreameyce9.jpg pumpkin2010waller.jpg pumpkin6956588784.jpg pumpkin_1stmjr.jpg pumpkinbluebonnet.jpg pumpkin2ndmajor.jpg pumpkin3rdmajor.jpg pumpkin6956592430.jpg pumpkincoursereg4.jpg pumpkin7102668141.jpg pumpkinjtreg4.jpg pumpkinjtreg4b.jpg pumpkinreg4.jpg pumpkinrun.jpg pumpkinsweet.jpg pumpkintrot2bcoa2010.jpg pumpkin_sanantoniomar2010.jpg pumpkinbcoa2010.jpg pumpkintrotbcoa2010.jpg 5021lsbc2012.jpg pumpkinasfaregional2010.jpg pumpkinfinish.jpg lumpkinnotrafeb2012.jpg PumpkinORC.jpg pumpkinprofilefeb2012.jpg pumpkin_aug2014.jpg read more


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Gryffyn's Aeyrie Rock N Roll Rebel, JC

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UKC Grand Ch. NAKC Ch. Gryffyn's Aeyrie Sylvan Song

5months.jpg sylvi_bed.jpg sylvi_chillin.jpg sylvi_tug.jpg 6months.jpg 6mosfree.jpg 6mosfront.jpg 7months.jpg sillygirl.jpg sylvileah.jpg sylvicuddle.jpg dancepartner.jpg lounge.jpg chillin.jpg sylvi_apr09.jpg sylvismile.jpg sylvivickiukc.jpg sylvi_sf09trot.jpg sylvivicki_sf09.jpg sylviIMG_6995.jpg sylvi_apr2010.jpg sylvi_apr2010b.jpg Sylvi_2011GatewayGrand.jpg sylvilynnsf2011.jpg lynnsylvisf2012trot.jpg sylvitrotsf2012.jpg sylviIMG_7003.jpg sylviIMG_7011.jpg read more

Silkens Elsewhere

Those Silken Windhounds that we have bred that are living in other homes

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IMG 0827 IMG 0837 IMG 0856 IMG 0872 IMG 0874 IMG 0896 IMG 0916 IMG 0922 IMG 0935 IMG 0946 IMG 0959 IMG 0960 IMG 0966 IMG 2331 IMG 2335 IMG 2339 IMG 2349 IMG 2371 IMG 2400 IMG 2448 sassysquish squish apr2013 squish jan2014 squish4wks squish5wks squishartemesia squishbunny jan2014 squishcc squishcc2 squishface4wks squishjan2015 squishprofile4wks squishtrot jan2014 read more


Gentle Winds Sola Kristull

sola6mos.jpg solahead.jpg solabjpis.jpg sola0402.jpg solaprofile0402.jpg solamug.jpg solasf05joyce.jpg solayardoct05.jpg solayardoct05b.jpg solawind_feb06.jpg sola_artsy.jpg sola_feb06.jpg solastack_feb06.jpg solaface_feb06.jpg b-litter.jpg solacouch.jpg solaface.jpg solapensive.jpg read more


MBIS MBISS Rarities IABCA Ch. and ISWS Grand Ch. Gryffyn's Just Push Play

teenytyler.jpg tyler3wks.jpg tyler3mos.jpg tylergoob.jpg tylerpose.jpg tyler_5mos.jpg tyler7mos.jpg tylermoon.jpg tylermug.jpg tylerraritiesaug2003.jpg kal_tyler_2004.jpg tylerbestpupgrp.jpg tylerdualbpis.jpg tyler_ca.jpg tylerlynnca.jpg tylercadown.jpg tylercahead.jpg tyler1yrstack2.jpg tylerface1yr.jpg tylerprofile1yr3.jpg tylertrot1year2.jpg tylertrot1yr.jpg tylerbbelinesf2004.jpg tylertrotsf2004.jpg tylersf2004.jpg tylerstacksf2004.jpg tylerbowsf2004.jpg tylerbisdenver2004.jpg woodstown2004.jpg tylerbissrarities2004.jpg tylersf05joyce.jpg tyler_apr05.jpg tyler_apr05b.jpg tylersemiprofile_apr05.jpg tylerprofile_apr05.jpg tylerface_apr05.jpg tyleriabcajan05best.jpg tlerboblineboofest05.jpg tyler_wa.jpg tyler_wahead.jpg woodstownbis2004.jpg tyler_rbis072006.jpg october2006.jpg tyleryardrun.jpg tylertrouble.jpg tylerkandipounce.jpg tylerfly.jpg tylerbow.jpg tylertrot_sf07sos.jpg tyler_sf07sos.jpg tylerrlynn_sf07sos.jpg tylercelebrate_sf07sos.jpg tylerloot_sf07sos.jpg sf2007biss.jpg tyler_rbisrarities0208.jpg tyler_bisrarities0208.jpg img3672.jpg img3576.jpg img3583.jpg img3562.jpg img3643.jpg img3565.jpg img3738.jpg tylersouthernbos.jpg tylernap.jpg tylerdreamy.jpg TylerISWSChCert.jpg TylerISWSGrand.jpg tylersf2009.jpg tylerlynn_sf09.jpg tylersf2009trot.jpg tylervoodookandisf2009.jpg tylerportrait_apr09.jpg tylerstack2_apr09.jpg tylerstack_apr09.jpg tylertrotsf2012.jpg tylersf2012.jpg tylerkandicrash.jpg TylerBestOppVet_swtt2013.jpg tyler_bestvetapr2013.jpg read more


LoneStar Classic

  • Siren - Best Altered Female (Show 1)
  • Walker - Reserve Winners Dog (Show 1)
  • Smooches - Best Opposite Puppy (Show 1)
  • Puddin - Best Bred by Exhibitor (Show 1 and Show 2)
  • Deuce - AOM (Show 1)
  • Puddin - Reserve Winners Bitch (Show 2)
  • Smooches - Best Puppy in Show (Show 2)
  • Deuce- Best in Specialty (Show 2)

Ohio Classic

  • Puddin - Best in Sweepstakes
  • Quinni - Best Opposite in Sweepstakes
  • Smooches - Best Puppy in Specialty
  • Tripp - Best Veteran in Specialty
  • Hunter - Award of Merit
  • Deuce - Best In Specialty

Haughton, LA - UKC

  • Deuce swept the breed all 4 shows and also got two Group 1s and two Group 2s
  • Enzette had originally gone for practice, but ended up being entered in show 2 on Saturday and came away with Best Female for points and a competition win
  • Tawny won 2 more Grand Champion legs and a Reserve Champion
  • Quinni won his first Grand Champion leg and a Reserve Champion

Dallas - AKC

  • Rusti was Winners Dog at Greater Collin KC; Reserve the next day at Texas KC; then was awarded Winners Dog and Best of Winners to finish his AKC championship

Texarkana - AKC

  • Rusti Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Saturday for a 4-point major and Winners Dog on Sunday for 2 points
  • Barbee was Reserve Winners Bitch both days

East Coast Silken Windhound Specialty

  • Smooches takes Best in Sweepstakes and Best Puppy in Specialty!
  • Quinni is Best Opposite in Sweepstakes
  • Tawny goes Winners Bitch
  • Deuce receives an Award of Merit

SilkenFest 2016

  • Quinni wins Best in Sweepstakes
  • Cruise 2nd in 9-12 Sweeps and 9-12 Dog
  • Kingsley 3rd in 9-12 Sweeps and 4th in 9-12 Dog
  • Walker 1st in 12-15 Sweeps and 3rd in Bred by Exhibitor
  • Deuce receives a Award of Merit
  • Farrah wins the American Bred Bitch class and goes on to take Reserve Winners Bitch
  • Quinni 2nd in 12-18 Month Dog
  • Puddin wins the 9-12 Bitch class and 3rd in Sweeps
  • Gilda 2nd in Novice Bitch
  • Squish 3rd in Novice Bitch
  • Tawny 1st in 12-15 Sweepsand 2nd in Bred by Exhibitor
  • Jules 4th in Bred by Exhibitor
  • Siren 1st in 10 Years and Over Veteran Bitch Sweeps and 1st in 10 and Over Veteran Bitch

December UKC Show (Sunday only in Marshall)

  • Tawny goes Best Female (Show 1)
  • Dulci goes Best Female (Show 2)
  • Deuce goes Best of Breed, Group 1 and Reserve Best in Show (Show 1)
  • Deuce goes Best of Breed, Group 1 and Best in Show (Show 2)

Lone Star Classic, Dallas, TX

  • Rusti - At the Saturday show Rusti won the Bred-by Exhibitor class and took Reserve. For the Sunday show, under breeder/judge Amy Sorbie he won the BBE class as well as going Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a crossover major.

November UKC Show (Castle Rock, CO)

  • Deuce was Best of Breed at 3 of the 4 shows entered and also was awarded Best in Show (show 2 on Sunday)!
  • Farrah picked up a Grand Champion leg (Saturday Show 1), as well as a couple of Reserve Champion wins
  • Tawny won her Puppy class for a competition credit (Saturday Show 2) and was 2 of 3 for her other outings

October UKC Shows in Belton

  • Dulci picks up a couple of Best Female wins for points and competition wins
  • Quinni picks up a couple of Best Male and a Best of Winners for points and a competition win, as well as some Reserves
  • Deuce picks up a couple more BOB wins and group placements

Ohio Classic 2015
(Silken Windhounds)

September 8, 2015: Welcome Cruise to the Gryffyn's Aeyrie pack!! Thanks so much to Bobbie Deis or Firebird Silkens for sharing this gorgeous boy with us - we have high hopes for him!

Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club Speciaty

  • Nox: Best Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes (Roy Silguero), Best Veteran in Specialty and (first) Award of Merit (Barbara O'Neill)

UKC Shows, August 2015
(Haughton, LA)

  • New Champion Georgie!
  • Deuce picks up a couple more BOB wins and a Best in Show!

SWTT Specialties May 2015

SilkenFest 2015

  • Deuce: Best Opposite Sex in Specialty
  • Herc: Best Puppy in Specialty and Best Opposite in Sweepstakes
  • Corki: Best Opposite Puppy in Swecialty
  • Squee: Award of Merit
  • Gabe: Best Opposite Veteran in Specialty
  • Pasha: Best Stud Dog
  • Quinni: 1st in 6-9 Month Puppy
  • Aces: 1st in American-Bred
  • Farrah: 6-9 Month Puppy Bitch 2nd (to Corki)
  • Jules: BBE 4th

March 21, 2015: Doc gives us a thrill by going Best of Breed over several campaigned specials for a 5-point major at the Fort Worth KC shows.

March 3, 2015: Welcome Mordi to the pack!! Del Sol Morsmordre WindnSatin joins us here at Gryffyn's Aeyrie, courtesy of Susan Van de Water (Del Sol).

February 14th: Lump finishes her AKC conformation championship, making her a Dual Champion!!

Congrats to Deuce for being the #1 UKC Silken Windhound for 2014! He was also #3 All-Breed!! Very proud of our silly white guy!!

January 24-25: UKC Shows in Belton, TX. Farrah and Aces both earned points and competition wins towards their conformation championships. Deuce won Best of Breed all 4 shows as well as Group placements.